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​​​​​​​Building online forms shouldn't have to be difficult any more with SPARK for SharePoint  office 365 & on premise. Why waste hours waiting for your developer to code a form for you when you can just build it yourself in minutes? Including a responsive look  & feel , branding and custom action !! Yes, SPARK makes this possible with our easy-to-use SharePoint forms builder and its advanced features. 

All The Controls You Need

Add as many controls as you need to your forms, there are no limits to the number of controls you can use on the form. SPARK provides you with all controls to handle your data input and integration.

Responsive Forms “ Build Once, Use Anywhere”

SPARK Forms automatically adapts the forms according to the types of devices they are using and creates a responsive design on the fly, just create the form one time and it will work on all types of devices without the need to create multi- versions of the same form.

Data Integration

SPARK Forms provides the users with all the tools that you need to integrate with Business Connectivity Service BCS, SQL, XML and Web Services to view and update data in a centralized form.


With our SharePoint Web Forms Builder, millions of non-technical users, designers, business users, without the need for programming knowledge and skills, can now create any kind of interactive form quickly & easily. We provide you with the tools to do that.​

The types of forms you can create with SPARK Forms are only limited to your imagination.​Office 365.png


View all of (SPARK) SharePoint Forms builder features ​​.